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Hello there, I am Allowing Psychic, (and this is my stage name) I am an Intuitive psychic healer based in Hollywood, California with over fifty years experience. I can help you heal your relationship, balance your chakra’s, fix your past life karma, help you with health, by promoting emotional balance and well being. . People from all walks of life seek for my help while I tap into information they don’t have access on their own. I am a spiritual clairvoyant, which means I can see and read energy clearly, just by using my Intuitive psychic ability. I can help you find specific answers to your questions, as well as assist you to make positive lasting changes in your life. I’ve developed a unique method of releasing the energy around any situation you are experiencing, moving you toward the outcome you desire. I don’t do one on one psychic reading as I am overwhelmed with request, so when you ask for my help in any areas of your interest, I do make sure I do my own psychic reading to insure the work you paid for is done in the best way positive. As an intuitive psychic healer my work is done via email offering my services to all over the world via email, unless there is a specific request for me to do it by phone or to travel to your home for cleansing and others works, which for that you will have to inform me, as I do travel to anywhere as needed, and I still able to take care of everyone in need, since I do my work at temples, by the ocean, and in the nature.
Of course anyone can give you answers, however in my forty plus years of being a gifted as an intuitive psychic and a energy and psychic healer, I have found that even with specific answers, you are still left experiencing the issues that lead you feeling unhappy. However with me is different, since as soon as you hear back from me, the shift begins, as I activate the energy aka neuron, which is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical and psychological signals.

And what ever service or product you chose I am going to allow you the activation by creating a new outcome for your situation.

Rituals are real, spells are real and not recommended, white and black magic are real, white means expecting positive outcome, black means wishing someone harm, and if you feel that you may have a spell on you, email me with your concern and why do you think or feel that you may have some kind of spell, and I will ask the spirits for you, so you don’t spend money on canceling a curse or a black magic, or voodoo that may not be your real problem, unless it’s confirmed by the spirit who I am working with, “White Feather” and or The Angels, usually “Angel Ariel”.

Please allow 48 to 74 hours for me to get back to you, or to activate the work I am starting from the time you have donated for your specific or help request.

Please Email me by going to our contact page for your 100% free email consultation.

*Legal Notice – Privacy Policy – Terms of Service*

Dear customer, before you donating for one of my posted services, I’d like to point out the importance of these below rules.
* you must be 18 years of age to use my services.
* This is not to be a substitute of any professional services such as Police, solicitor and doctor.
* Do not contact me or donate your money for any of services from unless you have total confidence in the powers of the ritual and understand that this is not a spell caster site. Do not start something with the mind set to failing. Total trust is essential for true and positive results.

* All love donations are final!

All clients who use the services of will by law require to total confidential about all correspondence made to www. All emails and information sent to will be kept in total confidence and never be shared with a 3rd party.

NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All clients are instructed to enter the contact between client and me, and no negative spell caster is offered here, the word “spell”, “black magic”, “voodoo”,  is only used for google marketing and nothing other than that. You must contact me with a positive mind. If the spell ” healing readies” or ritual you have donated for could not solve ALL your problems, you have the right to a recast earliest after 5 weeks, however no refund is guaranteed, since your donation is used to help the homeless or people in need of an immediate help, after using some of your donation to purchase the necessarily remedies or materials needed.






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