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Avoid Psychic Reading Scams!

Many people contact me, because they want to know what their future entails or whether their life is improving or not. But the problem is, not many of them are able to handle the truth, and as a result they tend to hire the ones who sugar code them with an unrealistic fantasy’s. The reason is, they know it by now, that if they tell the truth, they will get bad ratings, so why not sell you lies and get five start or more, right?

Most untrained psychics are desperate for money, which they call themselves; “psychics “so they can take an advantage of such people, who are just like them, with unresolved issues. And why Am I saying this? Because many people turn to online psychics for solutions, but they don’t want to hear that they are at fault too.

My name is AllowingPsychic, and I’ve consulted with thousands of different psychic mediums over the years in various settings including by phone, online chat, and face-to-face readings. And, I am here to share with you my knowledge and experience that I’ve gained over the years, while educating people to accept the truth about honest and truthful reading, with the extra mile of honest support.

If you reading this, it’s because you have been scammed and have wasted hundreds of dollars on fake mediums that provided you with false information that never came true. With so much information online, it can be very difficult to decide between real psychics, and pretend to be psychics that are just after your hard-earned money.

However I am hoping that you will read this article while you follow my advice and recommendations to avoid making the same mistakes you keep doing over and over again.

Common Psychic Scams To Avoid!

If a psychic try’s to scare you by suggesting you have a curse and that you must remove it. Well, I am not saying there aren’t bad spells or curses, all I am saying, if you don’t think you have a curse, bad luck or black magic on you, and then most likely you don’t have it. Unless this is something you have been experiencing and you have the feeling that something is really wrong with what’s happening with you or in your life.

When a removal of the Curse, becomes too expensive, I mean anything that is way over five hundred dollars is a trick that comes from the book of gypsies, to which psychic readers consists of convincing you that you or your family has a curse over them. They will ask for a significant amount of money in order to remove the so-called curse. Don’t fall for it; there is no such thing as over paying to remove a curse, spell or a black magic.

A legitimate psychic reader will ask enough questions to give you the best reading, otherwise they are guessing, or estimating based on limited info. No psychic can predict the future, if they could, they would be billionaires and winning the lotto each and every time.

Also you do not need to find someone with a certification to do a great reading to help you, the ones who have the certifications, are only to let you know that they have read about it, and were told to do it in a certain ways, but it’s no different from going to school and learning ESL, or anything else to expend their knowledge. In other words the certification does not make them better psychics.

Keep in mind that we all are psychics, some start feeling it from birth and some need to develop it over time.

A good psychic is someone who is also a mentor, or a coach that can guide you to the next level in your life.

Hope this info was helpful to you.

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April 11th, 2014


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  1. Sanj says:

    Black Magic is preferable to the white-magic because white-magic can fix only little issue of your lifestyle, but black magic can fix your greatest issue also and black take a less period of time in execution.

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