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I am REAL! And I don’t do “SPELLS”, my rituals are based on herbs, objects, symbols, energy, reiki, hypnotic rituals, NLP programing, coaching, EFT, crystals, psychology of the mind, spiritual communication and working with spiritual doctors aka entities. I specialize in fertility, love, attraction, depression, weight loss, IBS, etc. You can also write me for spiritual development and coaching, as this is my full time practice. If you have a problem with fertility, IVF, self-esteem, confidence, weight loss, stress, addictions, emotional pain, illness, breakup, infidelity, or any other? I will be more than willing to help… I work in all forms of divination, spiritual works, and channeling with spirits, dream interpretations for understanding your messages. When I help others I do not do “spells” and always accept donations for any rituals and work that I do for anybody.  I am REAL and will be able to help you.

To start with, you need to send me a brief history of your situation and your request followed with:
1) Your Picture 
2) His picture ( if needed for relationship request only)
3) Your Date of birth and current location 
4) His date of Birth and current city if needed for relationship.      

5) Brief history of the presenting issue right now.

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