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Genuine and Honest Psychic Reading – What Is Hidden, Must Be Revealed.



1. Is this really safe? The answer is yes of course. It would not be professional to harm a believer with my work. No back-fires nor bad karma’s, because I know what I am doing.

2. Do you cast revenge spells though? Yes, indeed. I master revenge spells “rituals” as well as potent love, emotional healing and money magnet spells.

3. Will the spells give fast and everlasting results? I would like to say Yes, however, even though the answer is really Yes, for some people it may take longer, it’s all up to the level of their energy and their emotional stability.

4. Do I need to do something after you done the cast? Sometimes, and if yes, it’s a simple ceremony that I will ask you to do as it needed to accelerate the spells effect. You can do it anywhere you want.

5. Is it true that black magic is the strongest? 100% strongest! this is why I Insist if you hired someone to do it for others, you ask me to help you with canceling it, as it is the best thing you can do for your inner well-being.

6. Should I be 100% sure of what I want before you cast the spell? Yes, however you must remember, I do not so spells, I only use the word “spells” for google marketing, my work is pure healing that can benefit and affect you emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically! Once it is cast, the results will not be reversible, instead you will be rewarded, and always for your own highest good.

7. Can I pay with credit cards, Paypal or Western Union? Yes, of course. I can offer whatever fits your needs properly, as long as you understand that your payment is your suggested love donation paying it forward. Your payment is to purchase the materials needed for your work, anything extra you want to donate is your personal choice, I do not charge for my spiritual work, but I do charge for the materials.

8. How long do your client’s normally see results and when has the spell manifested? It is normal to have results in 3-9 weeks. Most client have full results in 5 weeks but I can not promise you that. Every case and every client is unique, some even had a faster result like in just a week.

9. Will you stay in contact with me AFTER the spell? Yes, once again, “spell is used for google marketing” you mean energy rituals and spiritual work, and YES, of course I will. But remember that I am very busy so please do not send me emails unless it is very important for the case!

10. What do you need for the cast? Your full name, birth day (photo, if you can supply via email), any lovers full name and birth day (and photo if you can supply), city, state and country. If you are missing some info, don’t worry. All can be solved!

11. Do you offer a money back guarantee? NO! I do not. Since your payment is for the materials only and it is part of the ritual needed for activation, and your love donation is for “paying it forward” for my work, I only take a small portion and the remaining goes to help people in need, such as homeless and people who need help due to being in situation of borderline homelessness. Also because of this, the universe brings me success and great finances with my other profession, which is “Hypnotherapy” and “Energy Healing”.

12. Do I need to be over 18 to order a spell- spiritual work? Yes, that is correct, however you can hire me to help someone who is younger and under your supervision.

13. How much does the spell service cost? Depends on the complexity of the situation between 150 and 700 American Dollars. No hidden or extra fees will be asked after the pre-divination was determined. (You can always check our product or ask to see if we have something ready to use )

14. Can I just order whatever you have on the web, and would it be affective? Yes! The only reason you contact me, is for personal costume spell- healing, hypnosis, bring back ex with complications, court order, fertility, infidelity, since I need to determine what remedies needed.

15. How do I contact you?  via e-mail for free consultation.

Please contact me by going to our contact page; Email me for a 100% free email consultation. Please remember your confidentiality is my number one priority.

When I help others I do not do “spells” and always accept donations for any rituals and work that I do for anybody.  I am REAL and will be able to help you.

To start with, you need to send me a brief history of your situation and your request followed with:
1) Your Picture 
2) His picture ( if needed for relationship request only)
3) Your Date of birth and current location 
4) His date of Birth and current city if needed for relationship.      

5) Brief history of the presenting issue right now.

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