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Is it possible to get back the lost love?

yourselfIt is always hard to believe that the breakup is final and that happiness is impossible to return. We want to return love, and it seems that to get back together with the one we love is the only cure for the pain we feel now. Often we are just left to cope, learning how to move on. But actually, not every break-up is irreversible: sometimes love returns together with a deeper understanding of each other. In many cases, there is a possibility of getting love back; however, it takes a lot of effort.

So what exactly can we do to get love back? Have faith; understand the psychology behind men and women brain, and paying for the right materials to do an effective and stronger ritual to tap into his heart. But some people want the love, however they are not willing to invest the money for the materials or they simply cannot afford it that means, their love was never meant to be. When someone wants something, they’ll do everything in their power to get it.  At times the person in love and the person who fell out of love need some time to grow mature enough to love. Eventually love can be awakening to an extent that you can begin to live a full life. Then a person returns to the object of his or her love in much more healthier way.

Except the fact that at times a person needs some time to grow mature enough to love you back. Eventually love can awake and begin to live a full life. Then a person returns to the purpose of his or her love as a more mature individual and worthy of this love.

Imagine this: a young girl falls in love with a mature man. He is more like a father to her than a husband. Having been frightened by the very fact of marriage she can leave him. But after a year or five she will become mature enough and will realize that the person whom she had left was the one she needed! She will return to him being fully aware what she is getting into and why. Such a scenario is quite possible.

How can you help the one you love if he/she is not mature enough to love themselves? Relationship, commitment and Marriage is a process, just like going to school and learning about negative and positive formula, where two people help each other in a process of growing up. It is a school of respect, trust, compromising, acceptances, forgiveness, and an unconditional love towards ourselves and the other person or people around us. Therefor life together is possible In fact; if one partner is suppressing another it is going to harm both.

Just pretend seeing some kids jumping over a stream. One step in the wrong place and they get all wet but they decide to jump anyway. One of the kids is afraid of humiliating himself in front of the other kids who kept teasing and laughing at him on the other side of the stream. He says, ‘I am not going to jump at all’. Then visualize that a grownup comes and says to the kids, ‘Move on, we will catch up with you later’ and addresses the boy, ‘Don’t be afraid. Even if you lose your footing, it’s OK. I won’t laugh. We will jump until you learn to do it’. This grownup creates confidence and the kid takes a shot to make a new step.

This is what sometimes happens in a family. If I trust my partner, girlfriend, wife or husband, I will never criticize them. I will never say that they cook, dresses, washes, etc. is not to my satisfaction. I have enough respect for my partner not to do so. Criticism during a loving relationship is very dangerous. We all must be able to care for each other. The best timing to point out someone’s mistake is when a person asks for advice. For example, when my partner asks if they had done something wrong I’ll do my best to give hints about their mistakes very gently and even if this causes a resistance; but after a while they’ll come to me and admits that I was right. Therefore, if I start pointing out their shortcomings, it’ll cause only rejection, rebellion and self-assertion. A different matter is when we discuss something for the future, for example, whether to go to the furniture store to buy a mattress or spend our money on something else. Then it is OK to dispute.

Moreover, you know that every woman has an intuition for her men likes and dislikes. A woman can read in his eyes. So I don’t really need to say anything, she probably has already guessed. On the contrary, at the moment she has realized that her partner had disapproved her actions and come over to her and gives her a hug or kiss in order to create an atmosphere of confidence, so that she sees that his disapproval didn’t mean he didn’t love her. By doing so he is sort of asking her to pardon his disapproval.

No one can live in the atmosphere of criticism. It makes your partner’s life unbearable and he or she will certainly want to escape. If you try to control your partner, they will definitely leave you.

What we must strive to do is to create a mutual trust and confidence in order to help each other grow.

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December 7th, 2015


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