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 Allowing Psychic Was Born Gifted.

Hello, Thanks for visiting! My name is “Allowing Psychic”. I have been a gifted spiritual adviser for over 48 years. I discovered my psychic talents at an early age through the visions of my dreams giving me direction, guidance and insight into my hidden programmings. My great grandmother, and my Mother, who have helped others with their psychic gift, allowed me to watch and discover my gift on my own. Therefore I was naturally gifted with helping people find happiness, love, and clarity.

Experience & Qualifications.

Life Experience! Sometimes in life we get stuck and can’t find a solution to our problems. With my insight I can guide you through the obstacles in life and empower you to have more understandings to help you to get you UN-stuck. I specialize in entertainment for children as well as with adult, followed with a great gift to find the power within you to attract happiness. It’s what we all want right?

I am located in Sherman Oaks, California, Feel free to email me to schedule a reading your Children or adult events.

I am only available for face to face private party’s.

Turn Your Next Private or Corporate Party Into Something Fun and Special…

 To schedule a group reading or a private party appointment, please email by going to the contact page (Monday thru Sunday 10am-10pm PST

Host Your Very Own Psychic Party!

 If you are interested in making your next party memorable as well as gaining a fascinating glimpse into your future…then start organizing a Psychic Party, or Invite me to your child’s Birthday Party, Bar or Bat Mitzva party, etc.! Hosting your own psychic party is easy, inexpensive and fun. Host host a party with a difference by emailing me in advance for your party now!. Allowing Psychic will cover everything you need to know about how to host a Psychic Party-its both fun and inexpensive.

A Party With a Difference

Discover where you and your friends future is heading, as you’re relaxing and having fun, celebrating a birthday, having a hen’s night or at a Corporate function. Making each a different experience from the average party or get together!

Giving Insights Into Your Future

 A Psychic Party will make your next private or corporate party memorable as well as giving an insightful glimpse into the future for you and your guests. It’s easy to organize the occasion with just one easy email and the minimum of hassle, then you simply pay by the hour until everyone has had a reading, or we can discuss that when you email me. All that is required is a separate room with 2 chairs and a table, or a corner at your event.

In a Home or Anywhere!

 Your private or corporate psychic party can be held in your home or a friend’s, at a function center or even on a harbor cruise. Discover how your life is changing, and what the future holds for you. Who you are really compatible with, how to attract the right person into your life, and know if they are being genuine or not. See how your future looks in matters of love, money, travel and career.

Find Out About Life, Love & Romance

 You can seamlessly integrate the psychic readings with the rest of your party schedule, ensuring that your party is talked about and remembered. Its an easy way to make your party fun and unusual, and find out more about romance, love, and abundance in everyone’s life.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email -to know that your next party will be a party to remember!

Allowing Psychic’s Psychic Parties…

Destined To Be Fun!

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