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Jessica Nov 20 2012   Accurate reading… had the best advise with follow up
Cocovan Nov 18 2012   I wasn’t sure I believe in healing, ritual or spells, she explained that the spell is really for google marketing, and what she does is really spiritual energy work, the information  made happy , and it was  a very detailed email reading for a low price.
ygpiwm Aug 30 2012   Many things confirmed and she was able to bring light to things that I had been wondering about…it all made sense. Thank you so much!
maroof May 29 2012   Hope what you said is true! Will get back to you on this … Thanks!
tieliegirl Apr 9 2012  
tieliegirl Apr 8 2012  
ari Mar 15 2012  
Ella Mar 5 2012   Amazing accuracy of how I currently feel and very good advice thank you.
RubyRed Mar 2 2012   The hypnotic ritual helped me attract my soul mate
Red31 Feb 28 2012   Thank You so very much xx
Ttdyww6 Feb 6 2012   Her love ritual worked within 30 days. Thanks
ari Jan 27 2012   Thanks, your info helped in regards to the right market and buying property.
Baagcu Jan 26 2012   Very quick, sure and intuitive. I’m very satisfied with the info and advice. Thank you!!
JKR-I Jan 24 2012   She switched the light on. She made me see I was worrying about nothing and now I just need to focus forward and add a few changes in my life towards situations. Thank you
ari Jan 24 2012   Thanks again
User_mxfp4z Jan 23 2012   Wow, Allowing Psychic gave me the clarity that I was looking for she is also very caring… thank you very much and may god bless you.
Wilpen Jan 17 2012   Very prompt. EXCELLENT
User_gsv9ku Jan 17 2012   Amazing spot on highly recommend honest very intune I feel like I can learn a lot about myself at the same i will use her on going
lisa38 Jan 15 2012   Thanks a lot
ari Jan 15 2012   Great and helpful
Wizard11 Jan 14 2012   I am impressed with ALLOWING PSYCHIC whose responses indicates care about my concerns and gives prompt, good advice, seems to be in contact with helpful Spirits and Guides and always stresses the importance of being positive. Very intuitive, positive feedback and practical, but spiritual advice given. Really took the time to think about my concerns and circumstances, through providing a comprehensive questionnaire for instance. I would highly recommend this expert.
BMD Dec 31 2011   After removing the black magic, I could feel the change, thank you, you have saved my life.
LaneyMarie44 Nov 19 2011   Highly recommend her! I got an in-depth reading and opened my eyes. I will definitely hire her again!!
cathy171 Nov 2 2011   Thank you so much for the great reading , and all the information you gave me, I will be back again when I need your advice ,. Thank you Cathy.
runnergrl Oct 12 2011   After your ritual was done, I finally found the work I love, can I can make enough money to enjoy my life.
LouiseMc Oct 5 2011   I am getting married, followed your advice and she said, Yes!  Thanks
LouiseMc Sep 30 2011   Very good!!!
Wilpen Sep 25 2011   Outstanding!
gigiaa Sep 20 2011   I loved this reading…Allowing Psychic seemed to be right on and offered great insight into my situation as well as her ability to be a life coach…we will see what comes to pass…I would highly recommend a reading with her
e5rpbw Sep 14 2011   Thank you 🙂
wafb Aug 13 2011   Allowing Psychic…Your insight spoke the truth with no sugar-coating, which I believe to be an intuitive reading because that is the way it is and I have always felt that only the individual can change a negative to a positive…may be easy but also may be difficult or the two energies together. I recommend you, Allowing Psychic, to all. Blessings and Peace…Patty :))
aappleton218 May 1 2011   I have lost 12 pounds in four weeks; all I had was invisible surgery.
miss sc May 1 2011   Thank. U
mandy Feb 24 2011   You are the best. Thank You
lifetime Feb 12 2011   WOW. The most AMAZING reader here! i had to come back for a second session!! i will be returning for updates for sure!! Thank you so much once again!
Paul Jan 27 2011    Very helpful!
Paul Jan 22 2011   Very helpful!
tighteyez Jan 13 2011   Thanks for helping me save my relationship.
koolcat Jan 2 2011   Great job with the information u provided for me..thank!
Kane718 Dec 12 2010   i enjoyed the email reading i received and will keep you updated thank you.
wrongone Dec 10 2010   Accurate email – tolled the truth, it hurt, but she helped me forgive and move on, I am happy now.
pwafb Nov 25 2010   Thank you for your honesty and speaking the truth…the past needs to closed but memories can not be..but i do need 2 move forward to find my soulmate and happiness…Blessings
loveinit Nov 21 2010    Thanks!
Allison22 Nov 21 2010    I am ready to move, thanks for helping me sell my home.
dmiinq Nov 10 2010    I am attracting all she said I will. Great reading and ritual
Norm3 Oct 25 2010    Helped me find my soul mate, were getting married in march 1, 2011. Thanks!
trixie80 Oct 13 2010    Gave me clarity
lisa38 Oct 6 2010    Helped me with my ADHD
trixie80 Oct 6 2010   Awesome. Wasn’t expecting that.
wtgs6d Oct 5 2010   Well I didn’t agree with her, but in the end I’ve learned the hard way, she was giving me the best advice and I didn’t want to believe it.  I wish I believed you when you showed me the way… I now learn from you and follow your advice.
alice512 Oct 5 2010   I must say, you are like a mentor, coach, you’re the best.
carole Oct 2 2010   wow is all i can say
alice Sep 30 2010    Lost 75 Pounds
Itypac Aug 10 2010 What you said made much sense. Thank you very much.
mudcrutchgirl Aug 7 2010   If I can be with the man that I love……forever….this is the greatest gift ..this gifted psychic gave it to me
ABC_Iraq Aug 1 2010   The doctor told me I will never have a child, I am two months pregnant, Thanks!
8fbu58 Aug 1 2010   No further comments needed.
char67drake Jul 31 2010   I lost 30 pounds… Thanks
jannine87 Jul 28 2010   I just hope that you are right and thanks again xx
8fbu58 Jul 24 2010 No further comments needed.
Wizard11 Jul 16 2010   Allowing Psychic was quick in replying to my questions and very interested in helping me with my issues. Allowing Psychic addressed me in a very personal way which I like, and gave comprehensive answers to most of my questions, and made follow ups as to my progress with getting rid of negative energies.
8fbu58 Jul 10 2010   No comment necessary :).
8fbu58 Jul 5 2010   No comment necessary :).
8fbu58 Jun 27 2010   Thanks for continuing a great job. To be continued over many years. Now Allowing Psychic, can you please ask MJ what the H-LL is going on. And why he “went up changing” as we called it working in the prisons. And is not attached to Sherry, who said MJ doesn’t even know who I am yet. I don’t care if you make him mad. We are asking him once only, and it is me doing the asking. If I can trust him with Sherry, fine.
alice512 Jun 15 2010    Helped me with my headaches
8fbu58 Jun 15 2010 Always there and reliable. Wherever she may be.
8fbu58 Jun 15 2010   Outstanding as usual.
Honey3003 Jun 14 2010    A true healer
8fbu58 Jun 11 2010   Outstanding.
8fbu58 Jun 7 2010   Very reliable, logical, and technical. other mediums/psychics tend to run scared when you get them on the spot.
pwafb May 30 2010   Thank u and God Bless u for an inspirational reading…..i needed 2 see what i needed….please keep keep in your prayers…need them more than ever….u r truly gifted……Patty
8fbu58 May 10 2010   Always accurate and fun to deal with as usual! The results can make you angry sometimes, but the truth sets you free! She is very analytical, and almost scientific in her use of “tools”, but maintains enough of the old school western/english/wicken /christian/other religions welcome….to keep the traditions of old.
8fbu58 Apr 21 2010   Great job as usual.
8fbu58 Mar 26 2010   Awesome!
8fbu58 Mar 21 2010   Great work as usual.
g5mh67 Mar 21 2010  
alice512 Mar 21 2010  
8fbu58 Mar 18 2010   She is blowing my mind. Awesome!
pwafb Mar 8 2010   U finding that piece of paper with my name and date of birth was not a coincidence…i believe that it was meant to be so u were able to make me see the light…i fully believe that things happen for a reason..u finding that, u were able to give me the truth of what is happening or will happen if i don’t get my life on track…all u stated was the truth and have given me what i have always known but i have swept it under the carpet to avoid conflict but turmoil came and showed it’s ugly head to me…things r going to change for the better for me…i will take your advice and turn my upside world to a life that is right…i want to thank you for giving me the knowledge that i needed and the rose-colored glasses are coming off…your reading gave me chills(not in a bad way…a good way)…reality has set in..u r truly gifted and have given me the best and most right on the mark reading that i have ever had…………thank you and Blessings to you and your family….Patty
alice512 Mar 5 2010   Thank You
c4spap Mar 3 2010    Lost 17 pounds in four weeks with allowing Psychic Invisible work.
Super Travel Mar 3 2010    This is one of the best helpful spell I’ve ever had, I mean ritual 🙂
8fbu58 Feb 27 2010   Very scientific. Smart. I call him/ her Depak Chopra!
booziesusie Feb 27 2010   Always a pleasure to talk or e-mail to. Have the true answers to life problem and worries. Please try you will not be sorry. A true find!!!
suzie Feb 26 2010  
pwafb Feb 24 2010   Always honest and truthful….great insight and very intriguing….hope u get better soon……………… ………………thank you…Blessings to you and your family…Patty
8fbu58 Feb 18 2010   Great job! Keep up the good work!
8fbu58 Feb 14 2010   I was blown away at the detail. And I do appreciate the straightforwardness and technological specifics of frequencies (still working on that), charts, etc. I will continue. This is the caliber I was looking for. Finally.
Super Travel Feb 14 2010   Outstanding service, detailed, comforting and I am looking forward to seeing if this would happen. I highly recommend him and will use his service again. Thank you
Anneris07 Feb 13 2010  
Treesofthenight Feb 12 2010   Felt the reader didn’t connect well with the situation. Was pretty far off on mine and the other persons personalities, like she based it on our signs and how they interact which for me and the other person in the reading isn’t accurate. Seemed like they used one of those generic sign compatibility charts or something. Alot of what was said about personalities and the situation was off so I don’t think they answered my question accurately. They did however give me a reading and seemed nice so 3 stars.
pwafb Feb 11 2010   a very honest but sad reading..ty……….. ……….Blessings… ……
michelle Feb 11 2010    honest and she tells it as it is, no BS, no games, no tip off
pwafb Feb 11 2010   Thank you for your honesty and what a wonderful and intriguing reading…Blessings..
diane2007 Feb 11 2010    I passed my exam thanks to your help
booziesusie Feb 8 2010   very good …will use again and can’t wait, please try this psychic
EGLR5 Feb 4 2010   I am speechless
Nikki Feb 2 2010   Thanks for your answer helped a lot :O) x
User_ugmyyt Dec 20 2009   Very good detailed reading.
Catrina Nov 19 2009   I want to tell everyone to seek your help and you can’t be replaced. I was left speechless and numb and finally said I have to rate this person what am I thinking of:) 5 stars.
jennyra Nov 15 2009   Thanks
jennyra Oct 11 2009   Thank you for the very detailed reading and sticking by me – much appreciated!
5n4pxr Oct 8 2009   Thanks for the Help about Bamse I hope he coming HOME LOVE from TINA
cathy171 Sep 25 2009   thank you so much for the great reading, i guess I’ll have to wait until the dates to see if any of the things come to pass , i will get back to you if they do, and let you know. but so far what you told me about him, sounds like the way he is , he is a very lay back sort of guy , . So as I said thank you for the reading that was a lot of information about him, . i hope that others who want a honest reading will hire you and get a great reading as i did, . Blessings to you and thank you very much again, MS psychic, . A+++++++
shelly38 Sep 14 2009   Your predictions of someone drinking/smoking are right his fam. likes to drink!!!
SallyOl71 Sep 14 2009   Was an insightful reading. Gave me a lot to think about. Thanks
v82wic Sep 11 2009   What is an energy love ritual and how is it done? What spell did she put on him how can I take it away?
maribel elena Aug 6 2009   It was a fair price.
LoriLee Jun 29 2009   Good appreciation and description of what is. Guidance featured angel communication, good secondary clarification
pwafb Jun 27 2009   Awesome reading and so truthful. Intuitive, and made me happy with the results…
jennyra Jun 12 2009   This advice was 100% helpful.
pwafb Jun 12 2009   Very intriguing but true….i am with the right one
jesus lives May 21 2009   Thank you for the details on leos!
cjc2806 Apr 17 2009   Allowing helped me with my self esteem
6cnaj Apr 11 2009   Great and helpful
Ryanx1987 Apr 11 2009   The hypnotic MP3 for sexual enhancement ritual worked, thanks.
BettyBoo Apr 10 2009   Thanks for your help. It is very much appreciated! I hope to chat to you again soon.
TRUTHONLY Apr 9 2009   Allowing Psychic, She really! Went way beyond to giving me guidance, understanding, and the strength to telling me the truth to what she saw. Please! give her a try and you won’t regret the time nor money. Much Blessing.
kbass17 Mar 31 2009   Like what she had to say.
Psychic Maiden Mar 9 2009   Very happy with my reading, will definitely come back!!!! Thanks so very much for your kindness and patience 🙂
BettyBoo Mar 4 2009   Thank you for your help. I really value your support and advice in my current situation.  
BettyBoo Feb 16 2009   Thanks for your help today. It was very much appreciated.  
star Feb 12 2009   WOW!!!  
tomorrow Feb 10 2009   Thanks!  
blessed85 Jan 12 2009   Love the magical oil, I use them all the time  
BettyBoo Jan 9 2009   Thank you so much for your help in my spiritual/religious matters. It is very much appreciated, so thank you!  
cbgnd8 Jan 7 2009    
dtjnvg Jan 6 2009   i have enjoyed my reading, very comforting. Thanks again my friend.  
BettyBoo Nov 27 2008   Amazing session. She really has a special gift.  
BettyBoo Nov 18 2008   Thank you for your help. You truly have a fantastic gift.  
Anonymous Nov 16 2008   she is very good but i am very confused about some things?? but i like her she was good  
BettyBoo Sep 24 2008   Very Amazing answers. Allowing Psychic truly has a unique gift! If you are seeking help about your future, she definitely knows what’s in store for you! Very accurate results!  
Nechemiah Sep 16 2008   thanks  
jennyra Sep 15 2008    not bad  
m326ns Sep 10 2008    I was skeptical now I am a believer  
Demetra Sep 9 2008   Thank you for your kindness and advice you are a very special person  
w9xsxu Aug 28 2008   She gave soooo many details for so little money!!! Thank-you! Her reading made sense and seemed right, as well.  
ugmyyt Aug 24 2008   Excellent, told me what I needed to hear. It hurt, but that it the only way I am going to learn. I would recommend her totally. She is worth every penny and is the BEST. Please try her.  
BettyBoo Aug 21 2008   Allowing Psychic readings were really amazing! She truly has a special gift!!  
Anonymous Aug 21 2008   Thank you very much ALLOWING PSYCHIC! I’m amazed how accurate your foretelling of my situation is. Thank you, once again.  
Anonymous Aug 19 2008   felt great after i had the reading.  
saul Aug 19 2008   Thank You  
Seville Aug 15 2008    Thank You so much  
angell05 Aug 15 2008    You helped heal my heart  
Whiterose Aug 14 2008    You have some magical power, your the best…  
saul Aug 14 2008   Highly recommended, will come back soon!! AAAAA+  
s31 Aug 6 2008   very good psychic i just hope whatever the person said should get true.  
lizzakiss Aug 3 2008    Very intuitive and knows her craft  
jennyra Jul 30 2008   She never answered my questions but would rate her highly.  
vvtzby Jul 15 2008   A nice healer  
anita38 Jul 12 2008   He was spot on – amazing! thnk you for the advice – I will send him loving energy!  
maguay Jul 11 2008   Allowing Psychic is very gifted  
maguay Jul 7 2008   Doreen is the first psychic that I really feel that cares about people. I am sure she will help me to solve my problem! You must speak to her!!! You won’t regret!!! Thank you, Doreen.  
maguay Jul 7 2008    wow, her ritual works.  
n86htq Jul 7 2008   Thank you.  
cathy Jul 7 2008   thank you so much, wonderful gifted psychic, a lot of insight, great reader adviser, you are one of the best if not the best on live person, i hope that whoever reads this will hire this person for a real psychic reading,., they are very honest and very great reader, see for yourself, just press hire,. Thanks again, 1000 stars, blessed be dear,. Cathy  
LisaDawn32 Jul 4 2008   Very satisfied with service!!  
maguay Jul 3 2008   Hope it will be the way I wish :). Thank you so much.  
Demetra Jun 26 2008   I found the session to be very good and hope that good will come out of it  



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