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What is love

One thing that comes in mind about love, that is inherently free. You cannot buy love, it can’t be sold, or traded.

Love is bigger than you are, love is one of the most beautiful force of nature that was created to nurture our emotional needs.   Love is a wide range of a deep identification that represent true love, passion, and desire that feeds our soul, as well as each others soul.

In many cases, the nature of love evolves from the foundation of “rational love”, the deeper transformation of neurons and frequencies.  This is the Axons of their motoneurons being stimulated by trains of pulses at frequencies increasing from 1 to 150 Hz that forces the development of the state known to us as state of “Being In Love”

Being in love: It’s basically an emotional feeling of “binding” with ourselves, as well as with another person, such as our parents, our children, our spouse, mostly territorial, quick frequency, which is not determined by any rational or logical of our critical mind.

This also depends on the transformation that bonds the relationship between one another.

The meaning of love is very wide, therefore love can be achieved by several approaches, starting with self nurturing of acceptance and appreciation that nurtures the foundation of our love.  And it can only be done successfully, when we start loving ourselves first, by doing so, we are generating positive and energetic connection that enables our critical factor into the psychological connection activating once acceptance, willingness, to promote the ultimate physiological changes, that nurture our emotional needs that activates the positive attraction into completion of powerful ever lasting love.

Ready to connect, attract peace, love and harmony?

Do you want him or her to acknowledge your love for them?

How about ordering the “Self Love Spell” Now! ( Please, remember the word “spells” is used here only for Google’s marketing and nothing more)

This “Self Love Spell” Is highly recommended to use before any prayers, ritual or remedies used to attract anything good into your life, from bringing back love, finances. health, etc.

This spell is very powerful and affective.

“Self Love Spell” Suggested Donation of $100 or what ever more you can donate to help making changes in other peoples life.

Before you do order, please email me with your request, a brief history of your currant situation, date of birth, full names of people involved, self, and others for evaluation of your exact needs.

Make sure your email is correct and also feel free to leave a phone number, In case I may have additional questions, only if needed, or we can do it via email.

Please share this information with loves ones and feel free to leave a comment.

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